Birthdays Birthdays Birthdays!!!

There’s 4 kids in my family. 3 of us have birthdays within 9 days of each other in October. First, is Lucas. He turned 19 this year on the 19th. What a stud. Second, Alex, she turned 23 on the 14th. She’s getting so old! In a good way! Then there’s me. I turned 21 on the 18th. This was the longest 9 days of my life from the start of Luke’s birthday to mine. 21 is such a big birthday! Not even for the sake of getting to drink. I think it became such a big deal in my mind when this summer I got kicked out of Humpy’s in Alaska at lunch because I wasn’t 21. And I don’t like costing a cover charge at the Fox and the Hound for Weston. It gets old pretty quick. My family (minus Alex) got to come in for my birthday weekend and for the Missouri game. It was so good getting to see them! I love my family.

Last Monday started birthday WEEK. Yes. WEEK. I love the Kingsleys. At midnight on Sunday/Monday, Weston had champagne and my first birthday present in hand. My roommate, me, and Weston and his roommate brought in my birthday playing BANAGRAMS! I think it’s one of my favorite games now. That was the only time for celebrating Monday. The rest of the day was filled with work, and school stuff, and Phi Lamb Revelation night. So I did get my little that night, which is fun. 🙂

Tuesday, we have hope group. I go to class all day (really), and show up almost an hour late to HG with Weston. I had a test that day, so we were only like 10/15 minutes late. Weston had already taken a cookie cake over for our HG that said Happy 21st Makenzie. What a great guy. Who needs real cake when you have cookie cake???

Wednesday, I got a new moleskine journal, because I’m almost done with my old journal. If you haven’t been converted to moleskines yet, you should be.. Give them a try.

Thursday and Friday, well no gifts, but apparently they are coming. Thursday though I did get to spend some time with Wes King and eat some good ole Rosie’s Pho for dinner. Thursdays are another super busy day for both Weston and me, so I’m thankful for any time I get with him on Thursdays.

Friday I had work and then Phi Lamb fall retreat. Which was AMAZING and really deserves a whole post to itself. I will say that God is good and it’s always a sweet sweet time to see a ton of girls worship their Savior together.

I got home on Saturday and got to go eat lunch with Weston, Chris, and Mac at Haiku. Love Haiku. They played more nerdy computer game stuff and I got to sleep. Finally!

Backtrack for a second: Friday here in College Station there was  a Shane and Shane/ Derek Webb concert at FBC Bryan to help kick off Living Water’s 10 Day Campaign where you only drink water and the money you’d spend on other drinks you give to help give clean water to those in need of it. Check it out here

I was super disappointed I was missing this, and knew that they were doing another concert at 2nd Baptist in Houston on Sunday. So I told Weston I’d really like to go to that. And on Sunday, what did we do? After church, we both grabbed some lunch, took a nap, then got back together and headed to Houston!!! Best end of the birthday week ever! But it’s not even over yet!

Today, for the candle passing I’m doing tonight at Phi Lamb, he recorded one of my absolute favorite songs that he played and sang for me for Valentine’s Day last year.

All this to say, even the gifts aside, this was the best birthday ever. I got to spend a lot of it with my best friend in the world.

And I got to hear probably my two favorite artists ever play a great great great concert. (Which, by the way, Derek Webb has a new worship album coming out Nov 2nd only on his website It has no lyrics. I’m excited. And Shane & Shane just put out a worship
album on itunes: Dare 2 Share- Unending Worship. You MUST purchase this one)


One thought on “Birthdays Birthdays Birthdays!!!

  1. Awwwww! I totally forgot about candle passings!!! Wish I could be there for that, Mak…those are so special. I love your birthday week – sounds busy, but wonderful all at the same time. I FLIPPING CAN’T WAIT UNTIL (well, Christmas break first…) NEXT SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you :]

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