Maybe it won’t be so bad after all

This weekend began the actual wedding planning stuff, for real. Physically going out and looking at things.

I went home and looked at 4 venues for possible wedding/(really just reception) sites.

Thurman Mansion
Le San Michele

All in the wonderful hill country areas of Buda and Dripping Springs (or maybe Driftwood.. but i’m pretty sure it was Dripping Springs… I honestly don’t know my Texas towns)

It was fun going out and looking at them. It was just my mom, me, my dad, and my youngest brother, Eli. I might be closer to making some decisions now!

After the venue browsing my mom and I headed to David’s Bridal to dress shop! Oh my gosh! If you ever want to make it all seem real, that’s when it happens. Seeing yourself in a wedding gown, it was kind of weird. A good weird. I found one I fell in love with. So I’m “sleeping on it” and making sure.

Funny story about Eli. He’s in 6th grade, so he’s 11. His dream is to be a chef, and somehow got it in his head that he could cater my wedding. He even researched all the equipment, food, serving utensils, etc, put together a list and the prices for me. I had to break it to him that we were probably going to go with a professional catering company this time, but that he could maybe make breakfast for everyone the day of or something. (He apparently makes a mean french toast). Poor child. I’ve never felt so bad about having to tell someone something! He also doesn’t want to wear a tux, but he’ll have to and I’ll get my way with that one! πŸ™‚

I think I’ve decided on 1 color. Grey. I need some help people, anyone… absolutely anyone. What’s a good summer color that looks good on olive colored skin that can go with grey? Any help would be phenomenal. That’s been my requirement. My mom has to look good in the color or else she says no… and since my parents hold the wallet, well, you know. πŸ™‚


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