My Last First Day of School

Photo CreditTuesday started my last first day of school. Classes, as a whole, started on Monday, but I only have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are saved for working. And studying. But officially, only working.

Let me tell you, this whole only Tuesday Thursday classes thing is going to be rough. It makes for very long days. Thankfully, I think I’m going to enjoy all my classes.

Religious Communication- how the media and religion mix
Management- I have no idea what the class title is. But I’m pretty sure it’s just intro.
Psychology of Religion- this will for sure be interesting. We do this thing called “temenos” and anything said in class is to stay in class. Because it’s called something other than “confidentiality” it sounds so much cooler and way better. But really, I think it is going to be really awesome.
Marketing- Again, I have no idea what the class title is, but it’s probably just intro too.

I think this school year is going to be a lot of learning what it looks like to truly be set a part as a child of God. I finished up Genesis at the beginning of the week and read about the Israelites, when it was just the sons of Jacob and their families, staying in Goshen because the Egyptians saw their way of living, being herdsmen, as abominable. Everything about us is supposed to be different. Probably not abominable. But that story just made me think about how different we are to be than the world. As Christians, we are aliens in this world. That looks pretty different.


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