Alaska Part 2

Alaska, even if I had not gotten engaged, was a blast! It was beyond wonderful to spend time with Amanda, Darryl, G, M, and Ashley and Dave. Sadly, I have absolute ZERO pictures of me or Weston with someone over the age of 3. I kind of suck at the picture taking stuff.

Note her AWESOME dress. Gig'em!
The coolest kid EVER

I’m pretty sure we ate our way through the week.

Thursday: Taco King
Friday: Sea Galley
Saturday: we went to a cross country meet then little Makayla’s 1st birthday, so that was fast food and grilling!
Sunday: Moose’s Tooth Pizza
Monday: We tried to go to Humpy’s, but I’m not 21, so we got kicked out at lunch and went to Glacier Brewhouse instead
Tuesday: We might’ve actually just eaten leftovers all day.
Wednesday: Ashley and Dave took us to Double Musky in Girdwood
Thursday: Snow City Cafe

We left Thursday evening to head back to Texas. Had a little bit of a scare on the flight from Anchorage to Atlanta, but everything is good now. πŸ™‚ Darryl even sent us back with some halibut and lots of salmon after Weston and his unsuccessful fishing trip with Jeremy R. and his sons.

School starts on Monday (or Tuesday), there’s a debate going on in my place about when it actually starts. I’m, dare I say it, ready. It was wonderful having this last week off from work before going back to work and school both.

AND, I get to wedding plan now. πŸ™‚


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