They’re all grown up!

I adore these two. That beautiful girl is my sister. She just graduated from college. I’m so proud of her. Did you know, she took 22 hours this last semester? I freak out when I have to take more than 12. She’s LEGIT. For 3 years we’ve been on the same campus, but didn’t hang out all that much. Saturday I drove around town and realized I’m alone here now. No family is on this campus with me. In this town. It was nice just knowing she was there. She’d make legit cupcakes for my birthday. Make Weston and I dinner. Invite me to dinner. Go to the movies with me. We’d tag team getting raises in our allowances or reminding my mom for allowance that week. She’s so stinking awesome. I don’t think you understand. We are so so so different. Not just because we don’t look alike, but in everything. She wants to be the First Lady, or at least a senator’s wife. She can sweet talk her way into anything or get anyone to do anything for her. I… well… I say I have too much dignity to do that stuff. I really just suck at it. She’ll make a great lawyer once she goes to law school. Trust me. No one is better for that job. I can always count on good ole Alex. She’s always got my back. And I’ve got hers.

And that boy. Oh that boy. We used to hate each other. When I was in 5th grade, he pointed the BB gun at me because he got mad at me. I probably deserved the threat. We’ve gotten in more fist fights than I can even remember. I’ve hit him in the face with a golf club… twice. Not on purpose, I promise. But that kid. He’s so stinking cool. Like, way cooler than I ever was in high school or probably even am now. Even with a hole in his lung he’s AWESOME. (Ok, he doesn’t have one in his lung or wherever it actually was anymore… it’s just a joke now, so don’t worry). He’s such a stud. Not just even looks. I’ll admit, the Dover family is a HOT family. Look at all of us! 😉 He’s just cool. I like making him go with me to Subway and the grocery store and wherever else when I go home because I don’t know where anything is. He was a BLAST to hang out with at Disneyworld last summer. He’s one of my absolute favorite people now. My mom always said it’d be that way. One day I wouldn’t want to punch him in the face all the time. Just sometimes :). He’s officially a college student. My family (except for me) got to take him to college this weekend. I’m so proud of him.

These two are by far, some of the best people I know. Both starting on new parts of their lives. I’m so so proud to call them family. 🙂


One thought on “They’re all grown up!

  1. 2 things!

    1. I love how much your pure awe, love, excitement, pride for your fam shows through in this post – feel like we are sitting on your bed chatting away and you are getting all giddy braggin’ about your sibs 😉

    2. This post made me really happy. It made me think about how much I love my sibs, and how, even though I still kind of want to punch Josh in the face…a lot…I freaking adore that kid. How is it that our little brothers managed to be so way cooler than we were in high school…so not fair.

    Ok…I lied, there’s a 3rd one:

    3. I really, really miss you. We need to start having skype dates, mmk? K, great. It’s a plan 🙂

    Can’t wait to see all the pictures and hear all the stories that come back from y’alls trip to ALASKA!

    Love you way much!

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