Everyone is Moving

Everyone in my family, at least.

My parents finally bought a house, that hopefully, they’ll be in until my little brother graduates from high school. If that happens, he’ll be the only kid in our family to only go to 2 schools for middle school and high school (like normal people). My other brother went to 3? I went to 5 and my sister went to 4. We’re a cool family like that. Anyways, they finally bought a house close to my mom’s work. My dad works pretty much from home or is traveling so it doesn’t matter where we live for him. But my mom. Every morning she gets up at 4:30, does her quiet times, gets everything ready for the boys and then heads to work somewhere around 7 so she can get to work around 7:30 so she can leave by 4:30. She’s a stud. Or the female version of a stud. She’s amazing. I don’t know how she gets up that early and gets everything that she does done. Especially the days my dad is gone. Goodness gracious! So, they bought a house in the same town as her office. They’re slowly but surely moving into that new house after renting a house for the past 2 years.

My sister graduates from college this weekend (whoop! Congrats Alex!) and is moving back home. I guess back home. I’m not really sure of her plans. Probably home for the time being, because I know she hasn’t been looking for apartments. But then she’s working on getting into law school for the next year.

My brother is moving to college this weekend! I’m so proud of that kid. He’s such a stud and has just blossomed (do boys blossom?) into such a great man of God. I’m so excited to see how he continues to grow while he’s off on his own. Can’t wait to hear about his first class, first test, first time getting lost in a new town… all that great stuff. 🙂

I just moved into my new place for my last year of college. My. Last. Year. It’s a nice little apartment my friend Amy and I will be sharing. Got a couch yesterday from my boss, FOR FREE. Poor college students= love free stuff. I’m learning everything I still need here and everything like that. Still living out of a couple of rubbermaid containers, like my desk. Don’t have one of those. Hopefully when I get back from Alaska. Found the one I want and everything, there’s just not an IKEA close enough for someone to pick it up for me. Get this, buy it in store, $120. Ship it to my house= $560. Craziness! BUT I have a bed, so I can’t complain too much. 🙂

This is typical my family. Always moving. Houses, states, cities, whatever. Just always moving.


How could I have forgotten even for a moment? My amazing sweet friend Heather is also moving all the way to the frozen tundra of Minnesota! This is one girl who I have been beyond blessed by her friendship and to think it has mostly blossomed since she’s left good ole College Station. She’s way too cool for us Texans as it is. She’s a hippie at heart that will more than fit in up in Minnesota. 🙂


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