What’s in your food?

We want to pay the cheapest price for our food, but we don’t understand that that comes at a price…”

Food, Inc. It’s a documentary on how the food you and I eat on a day to day basis is produced. Corn, Chicken, Pork, Beef, you name it. Did you know they feed corn to almost everything? Animals that aren’t even, evolutionally, supposed to eat corn? Cows are not made to eat corn, yet that’s what is being fed to them because it makes them fatter, quicker. One fact the movie quoted was that if you fed a cow that is normally fed corn, grass for just 5 days, they would shed 80% of the E. Coli that is in them. 80%. That’s a lot.

The way they feed chickens now makes them grow bigger than before, in half the time, but then these chickens aren’t even strong enough to walk. They have grown so quickly that their internal organs and bone structures are not strong enough to take on the rapid growth. These chickens never see day light.

A researcher at Iowa State University said that about 90% of everything in a grocery store has corn or soy product in it. Probably both. The food industry has taken an easily grown and very easily stored product and by lots of testing, made it into so many different chemical components and products that can be used in just about everything to extend the shelf life of these products.

If you look back into all the rules that God laid out for food for the Israelites way back in the day, you see a lot of the reasons why those were good, now. No, they didn’t have all the chemically altered ingredients we have now. Of course not. But just based on health risks associated with everything we choose to eat now, you can see why these were good laws. Last semester I took a Biblical Archaeology class and we had a guest lecturer who came in and talked about Biblical nutrition. Not from the Bible, but during that time. Why they were actually healthier than we are now. Why the foods they ate are so much better for us. What we’ve done to alter our foods today and while we may be more full, we are also dealing with obesity and diabetes and everything that stems from it. You see that if we were to cut out a lot of the bad foods we eat now and were to go back to the simple foods, how they come from nature, a lot of health issues would begin to deplete. I know one of the main issues is that healthy food costs so much more. And then you have to go to the grocery store more often. I hate grocery shopping. But I’m beginning to see that my low level of discomfort at the grocery store and spending a little bit more, is pretty well worth being healthier.

In the end, what is it we can really do? I think what is key, is just being aware and knowledgeable of what we’re purchasing and putting into our bodies. If we don’t like it, change it. When sales go down, companies are then at the crossroads of either giving the consumer what they want or settling for a smaller profit. I’m honestly not going to be perfect in this. My goal for myself is going to be to just live by my convictions and glorify God by taking care of my body.

You can rent Food, Inc. on Netflix or maybe even find it at Hastings or something.


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