Alaska: The Greatest State Ever

As my trip to Alaska with this wonderful guy gets closer (exactly one month from today), I start thinking of every single thing I want to show him.

Beautiful mountains. Don’t worry, I was completely safe driving with my knees at this point.

Every single spot that means something to me up there. My favorite used bookstore, Tidal Wave; my favorite run, which at this point, I cannot run; my favorite restaurant, Glacier Brewhouse; my favorite place to look at the inlet, well one of them, the park by our first house up there; my favorite drive, the highway to Seward; for us to go hike Flattop WITH my favorite married couple, the Nelsons. 🙂 (There’s a link to their adoption blog to the left) And of course he must must must go to Alaska Wildberry and see the chocolate waterfall and buy moose jerkey and lots of chocolate.

For him to meet Amanda and Darryl and Gavin… and Makayla. For ME to meet Makayla! I cannot wait for Weston to get to meet them along with the other people I’ve told him endless times that he has to meet.

“We have to eat here, here and here. We need to go here, here, and hopefully here. You MUST meet these people.”

I’m not sure how many times I can tell Weston about Alaska or how much I think he’ll like it or how different it is, in good ways, not the weird ways. About my church, about my friends, about my high school, about the places up there he just has to see.

How many of you in Texas have seen something as awesome as this?

With all the touristy things he must do and all the people he must meet, I cannot forget that this is also a trip where some great things can happen. Where we can be used. A mission trip of sorts. God is already reminding me of conversations with people I hope to have, for encouragement that can be given and received. For His love that can be spread.

That’s a day of traveling up there. 7 days there. A day of traveling back. 9 days that I don’t want wasted on, well, me.


One thought on “Alaska: The Greatest State Ever

  1. I cannot express to you how much I adore your beautiful, beautiful heart, little lady. You are so very precious in the way that you love people and in the way that you want to share life with them. I am sorely going to miss you while you’re away and then when I’m away 😦 But, I can’t wait to walk along with you as we both continue on in our different journeys with our awesome, awesome God.

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