The Bible in 52 Days

I’m a sucker for goals. The Bible in 52 days is my most recent. It’s about 21 chapters a day. Maybe you’re thinking, “Now Mak, reading the Bible that quickly, there’s no way you can get something out of it.” I beg to differ. But first off, I’m also doing my quiet times where I get to dig into the word and not just read it, which is how this 52 days thing is working. But God is so good on not letting His Word return void. I’ve learned I miss a lot by reading really slow; the same way you can miss a lot by reading fast. It’s different things that are popping out. We’re (me, my boyfriend, and his fraternity’s officers… I just got invited in by Weston to do it too) reading it chronologically, which is also interesting. Who came first, who came second. Job? He was before Abraham.

Here’s the link to the chronological order we’re using. Into Thy Word. It’s really made for a year, but we’re just doing a week a day.


One thought on “The Bible in 52 Days

  1. Wow, chicky. That’s quite ambitious – 21ch a day?? I wish I had the ability to read that quickly. keep us updated on how it goes!! I might try it at the regular pace 🙂

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