Little Lucas is Growing Up and Graduating!

My brother is graduating on Friday from high school. Wow, how time has flown by! Even though Luke is only three grades younger than me, I’ve always seen him as just YOUNG. He’s not.

The other day we were celebrating my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary and I got the chance to talk to Luke about college and God and stuff. That’s when it really hit me he’s an adult. He’s mature (well, as much as you can expect from an 18 year old boy). J He truly desires to seek God in everything he does.

He is not sure where he is going to school because we are pretty sure he didn’t get accepted into A&M with Alex and me. But I think, overall he’s okay with it. Yeah, he’s bummed, his girlfriend is coming here (and his awesome sisters go here…) and he told me he really just wants to graduate from A&M. So, Luke’s plan if he doesn’t get in? Go somewhere else for a year and try to transfer in. Maybe in that year, He’ll realize if he’s supposed to be at another school.

I just want good ole’ Lukie to be happy. To enjoy his college experience wherever he ends up going.


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