Sweet Summer Time

Yesterday at 8:40 am, my summer began! Finished my last final (New Testament) and got ready to go to lunch with my amazing friend, Sarah. I had not been able to hang out with her since March so it was great getting to catch up with her.

Last night was a Sandra McCracken concert with special guests Derek Webb and Caedmon’s Call. Awesome. I know. It was a show to market her newest album, a hymns album, In Feast or Fallow. CHECK IT OUT. It’s absolutely wonderful.

I was uber giddy about the whole night. AND I got to spend it with the most wonderful boyfriend ever. 🙂

How did my first full day of Summer 2010 go? GREAT! Got to sit in on interviews at work and then Weston had made reservations at Cafe Eccell for our 1.5 year anniversary (which isn’t until June 18). He also bought me the newest Passion album, Awakening. It’s also an awesome cd, check it out too. But check out Sandra McCracken’s first.

This is going to be a good summer. Work, Kaplan class, READING!, and friends.



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