Sseko Sandals!!!

Every heard of them? Sseko?
Changeable straps, and you can tie them tons of different ways.
Now for the really awesome part, Sseko’s story
They are hand made in Uganda by girls saving money for college. 80% of their salary goes directly towards this saving. Sseko specifically hires girls in the 9 month period between secondary school and university to help them save money so they can afford to go to college in a very male-dominated culture where a lot of times, women just don’t have the opportunities given to men.
Not only that, but the company is a not-just-for-profit organization. If it was a non-profit you’re not really helping the Ugandan economy. That’s their other goal, to reinvest in the economy there, make it stronger.
Check out the site, buy some sandals. It’s summer, you know you’re going to buy some new ones anyways. 🙂

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